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Asia Is Primed For A Tech Startup Revolution


The United States have produced more than 50% of startups valued over USD1 Billion while representing 5% of the global population. They have had a good head start by being early adopters of technology. However, their market is maturing. Most of their population are already tech users. Meanwhile, Asia has over 60% of the world’s population, with an exponential increase in tech adoption, making Asia potentially the biggest market for tech companies in times to come and beyond.


Asians are known to be one of the most industrious and hard-working people in the world. That coupled with the increasing rate of literacy in education and tech savvy means that we have an abundance of talent. The internet has also given us much more access to our neighbours – creating the opportunity to learn and understand one another. Cultural and language barriers that used to be a hindrance are becoming strengths we can harness to develop powerful and profitable enterprises.


More and more investors are flocking to Asia because they recognise the immense potential that can be found here. Skeptical governments across the continent are also changing their stance towards the digital space, now choosing to support their local tech infrastructure and grow more tech companies. Interested entities all around the world are now looking at Asia as their new focus for the discovery of the next big thing in technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

Startup Challenges

Many startups still fail to live up to their potential even though they had a good start based on great ideas. Here are some of the major reasons why this is happening.

Market Access

Startups do not generally start with a strong business network as they are new. However, the fast moving nature of this industry makes it necessary for them to gain access quickly.



Many great business ideas never see the light of day because of poor execution. This is a very common mistake made by teams who are only beginning their foray into entrepreneurship.


There are teams that work great together and those that do not. With startups, bad teamwork is detrimental. They must either improve their cohesiveness or find suitable replacements.

Product Market Fit

One of the most common causes of failure is not validating a product or service before launch. Entrepreneurship is ultimately about solving societal problems and not satisfying one’s whims.


While there are many avenues available for a startup to solicit funding, many startup founders are unfamiliar with the process of meeting and propositioning the right investors for their business.

User Acquisition

Not knowing where and how to market to the correct consumer base also remains one of the biggest problems faced by startups. Without users, even the best ideas will be worth nothing.

Business Model

A startup without the correct business model will encounter many problems while growing their company. Having the right blueprint to operate on is crucial from the very start.

Entrepreneurship Is Key

At its very essence, entrepreneurship is about solving problems. We believe that the cultivation of the entrepreneurial spirit in a large scale will bring out the best in people who are passionate about fixing real world problems thus creating valuable startups.


We are committed in our mission to help tech entrepreneurs grow. Therefore, we are looking for startup founders who share the same commitment in making their business successful.

Long Term Vision

We want a startup to have a very well mapped out goal. What are their immediate plans? What is their 5 year plan? How do they plan to grow over the years? Have they visualised their exit plan? A startup with all these in mind points to a startup who is ready to take on any challenges that is awaiting them in the future.


The founders are undoubtedly the most important assets in a startup. We look for founders with the following traits:
1) Committed
2) Resourceful
3) Coachable
4) Agile
5) Ambitious
6) Foolish & Hungry


The market have plenty of problems that are in need of solutions yesterday. We want a startup that is focusing on some of the most painful problems facing the society today. The startup must be willing to push the boundaries of what is considered conventional and disrupt the market effectively.

Mentorship on Steroids

Turn Your Startups Into Scalable and High Growth Entities

Identifying The Biggest Obstacles

The first part of our programme is all about finding out some of the biggest obstacles that the startups are facing. While some obstacles may be obvious ones, others may require a more experienced eye to discover. Only by correctly identifying the problems can we effectively help the startups.

Finding Suitable Mentors & Partners

Matching the correct solution to the problem is the most important function of our programme. In many cases, the growth of a startup is hindered because they are not applying the correct solutions to the problem. This is where our panel of experts’ wealth in experience can do wonders.

Overcoming Obstacles & Assessments

We conduct periodical assessments during the problem solving process that startups go through with their mentors to ensure that the process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. We believe that performing constant follow-ups to be a vital element in running a successful mentoring programme.

Programme Summary

The aim of our programme is to ease the challenges that are being faced by growth stage startups. Many of these challenges can be overcome with the help of experienced mentors and resources that our partners are able to provide.

Our Friends

We have existing working relationships with partners in many parts of the world. Therefore we are able to activate these relationships quickly in order to help startups navigate their growth more efficiently.

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