Applications for Second Startup Programme have been closed.

We are looking for


Team consist of at least 2 members

Early-stage Startup

Must NOT be a startup in idea stage. A working prototype is the minimum requirement


Priority will be given to Malaysia based startup


At least 1 of the founding member is able to participate full time in the program, for 12 weeks in Penang



Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the fee for this bootcamp?

Our 12 weeks bootcamp is totally FREE.

Any equity share will be taken?

NOPE. We take ZERO equity.

Any funding given to the team or the startup?

No, BUT we provide fund raising opportunities such as private pitching session before and after the programme, startups are required to pitch and raise their fund accordingly.

Any allowances given to cover expenses?

We do not cover travel & accommodation expenses for participants.

What kind of startup are we looking at?

Early stage startup, launch stage with at least 1 full time founding member. Preferable in IoT (internet of things) and FinTech vertical.

My startup is neither in IoT nor FinTech, can I still apply?

Sure! We are more than happy to consider other crazy startup application, just bear in mind that priority would be given to IoT and FinTech startups.

Can I send in more than one startup application?

Nope. We believe that each founder must focus and concentrate in order to get the best result.

Does the whole team need to be based at Penang for 12 full weeks?

Yes, you must be in Penang for 12 weeks to participate in this program.
However, it is not tie to ALL the members in a startup, at least ONE of the founding member is required to be based at Penang for 12 FULL weeks.

Is working space provided?

YES! All the participants will be housed in this amazing building, UAB, smacks right in the middle of George Town with high speed internet connection. Participants get to have an amazing experience building their startups side by side with other founders. You’re strongly encouraged to check in 9 to 5 to the working space.

Steps to apply

Sign up FREE account from Second Startup by clicking on “Apply Now” button below. And then activate your account.

Step 1

Complete your profile. Add a new startup & fill in the details. Remember to add at least one team member, beside you.

Step 2

Under Events, you will see “Second Startup Bootcamp”, click and apply for the application. And we will contact you for details.

Step 3

Have a question?

We would love to hear from you 😉