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Taking your startup to the next level

Internet of Things (IoT)

Hardware & IoT startup are at least 5x more difficult compare to software startup. So this bootcamp are structure together with our mentors & partners from this domain. And we understand the important segment like hardware, firmware, software, DFM (design for manufacturing), supply chain, testing, retails and others. Putting the puzzle together to increase the success rate of hardware & IoT startups.

Financial Technology (FinTech)

We are looking for FinTech startup that provide innovative solution in changing the financial industry. Regulatory oversights is one of the biggest challenges FinTech entrepreneurs facing. Our bootcamp designed to help by bridging the team to the right mentor and partners, the regulatory body and domain experts.

Build & Scale Your Startup

During the 12 weeks, it’s all about building your startup side by side with other founders. Customised support will be given and the structure of our programme only serve as a guideline. We will slot in the needed help and support accordingly.

Programme Structure

Viability, Desirability & Feasibility

Intro & Set Up

Market Validation & Product Positioning

User Persona

Team & Culture

Design Concept & Usability

Product Design

Graphic Design

Interactive Design

Industrial Design

Building, Selling & Growth Hacking

Technology Barrier

IOT – Supply Chain & DFM

FT – Regulation

Sell & Scale

Financial & Cash Flow

Pitch & Funding

Growth Hack

Graduation & Pitching to Venture Capitalist

Graduation, Demo Day & Pitching

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