Douglas Khoo

Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

The Coding Shophouse

Douglas Khoo is an angel investor and serial entrepreneur. He co-founded several internet businesses, including the extremely successful, which Baidu acquired a major stake in 2011. The company has been listed in Nasdaq (QUNR) and remains as one of the main “go-to-websites” for travelers in China.

Douglas began his professional career in an advertising agency named Ogilvy & Mather, in Malaysia. His career took him to Indonesia, Beijing (where her run the MindShare) and Hong Kong, where he run the whole digital arm of Mindshare across Asia Pacific.

Besides, he co-founded several internet companies, the first being, a sports portal, which was sold to Lee Ka-Shing controlled in 2000.

In the mid of 2015, he also invested in The Coding Shophouse in order to build a technical talent pool. This is also a social enterprise that helps to grow the tech ecosystem in Penang.
As a fun note, it’s said that he currently spends most of his time travelling, piloting planes, racing classic cars and photography.

He is also investing his time to mentor start-ups and starting new initiatives that aim to support the local startup ecosystem.